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What is STEP?

STEP is an acronym standing for Shimmery Twin Effect Protection. This is an optically-variable ink developed by G&D in 1995.


What is a Planchet?

A planchet (also spelled planchette)is a very small piece of material, usually circles or squares, somewhat like confetti, added in the paper-making process. They will generally be of a different color and / or material than the rest of the paper, and serve as a security feature. They may have overt and covert security features themselves.

1950 ABNC Stock

A line of planchets can be seen in the red outlined area, on this American stock certificate from 1950.

What is PEAK?

PEAK is an acronym standing for Printed And Embossed Anti-copy Key, created by G&D in 1996. PEAK is a combination of fine offset printing and intaglio embossing of the printed area, which produces an optically variable effect depending on viewing angle and angle of lighting.

What is LOOK?

“LOOK” is an acronym standing for Laser Originated Optical Key. It is a laser marking process, first used for laser-etching serial numbers and text, usually by removing portions of applied holograms. It was developed by G&D in 2004, and has been used on Mongolian and Georgian banknotes.

What is TOPnote?

“TOPnote” is a term meaning¬†Transparent Overlay Protection. It is a post-printing anti-soiling treatment, developed by G&D in 1999.

What is LEAD?

“LEAD” is an acronym standing for Long-lasting Effective Anti-copy Device, and was coined by G&D in 1993. LEAD is a hologram stripe.

What is FIT?

“FIT” is an acronym standing for Fine Intaglio Technology, coined by G&D in 1998. By using modern computer-aided designing and engraving, higher-resolution printing and increased fineness of details can be achieved.

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