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Error During Printing of New $100 Alleged

December 7, 2010

According to multiple major news organizations, foreign and domestic, there has allegedly been a serious error during the printing of a large amount of the new $100 bills (NCM).

Anonymous sources describe the error as wrinkling or creasing of the paper substrate, which causes incomplete coverage during printing, yielding an apparent ‘blank’ area or areas.

It is not publicly known during what printing process or ‘pass’ this error occurs. Printing of the new $100 has allegedly been halted.

Estimates of the number of affected bills are approximately one billion notes. The suspect notes, which have apparently passed through all stages of printing, cutting and packaging, are allegedly ‘quarantined’ in DC and Fort Worth vaults, possibly at the BEP currency printing facilities in those cities.

According to a Washington Post article, CNBC was the first to break the story, recounted in an online article dated 1:35 Eastern Time, Monday, December 6, 2010.

As of 9:00 PM Eastern Time, December 7, 2010, there has been no official response from the BEP or the Treasury.

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