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What is STEP?

July 17, 2016

STEP is an acronym standing for Shimmery Twin Effect Protection. This is an optically-variable ink developed by G&D in 1995.

  1. taimdala permalink

    Is this anything like the Interference colors that Liquitex developed for their acrylic paint line? It’s dichroic and changes color depending on viewing angle. It’s still in production and I use it in my crafts projects.


  2. Staff Writer permalink

    Sounds like it. According to their website: “…an optically variable ink based on liquid crystal pigments. When viewed from different angles, elements printed with this ink appear to change color. Hence STEPĀ® is thought of as a color shifting ink, e.g., from green to blue. When viewed from two different angles, a distinct change between two contrasting colours is seen.”


  3. taimdala permalink

    Yup! Thank you, Liquitex!

    As an art junkie, I can say I’ve used Liquitex’s version in my craft projects and if sufficient care is taken, you can successfully use it with rubber stamps. As long as you clean off your stamp immediately after making the impression, the acrylic will not dry on the rubber, ruining it for future use.


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